Welcome to our little piece of bullmastiff heaven. Whether you are new to bullmastiffs or an ‘old timer’, hopefully you will enjoy seeing our babies.

We believe in raising healthy, good quality pups. All pups get the same care and attention, no matter their show potential. We do not have show and pet quality price differences (unless obvious faults i.e. crank/short tail, hair lip etc) because it is impossible, for even the most experienced breeder, to tell how a puppy will turn out. All our puppies are fully vetted and micro-chipped before they leave.

We do not force buyers into breeding/showing agreements, we give as much advice as possible but once the buyer has their puppy they should be allowed to make all decisions concerning it. We do however always ask them to get back in touch with us, with any problems, throughout their dogs life.

We have exported puppies to several countries including America, Australia, Canada, Spain and Switzerland, so exporting would be no problem. In fact the dogs sent to American and Australia went on to become national Champions.